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NYW&B train near Quaker Ridge

Tickets, Timetables, and More

NYW&B Harrison Weekly Ticket

Not much time left to use this weekly ticket from Harrison, dated September 13, 1937.
Collection Otto M. Vondrak

NYW&B Weekly Tickets for New Rochelle and Mamaroneck zones.
Weekly tickets for New Rochelle and Mamaroneck zones, dated 1937. Fare zones were numbered and color coded for quick identification by fare inspectors. From a private collection.

Short Ride Ticket
"Short Ride" ticket form, possibly to sell a fare upgrade from an existing ticket.
From Private Collection

Conductors Fare Rcpt
A conductor's cash fare receipt,
circa 1929-1937. From Private Collection.

NYW&B Heathcote Weekly Ticket - Agent's Stub
This stub from a Heathcote weekly ticket is dated July 12, 1937, the last summer of the railroad's operation. Collection Otto M. Vondrak


NYW&B Monthly 60-Trip Ticket
A monthly commutation ticket (limited to 60 trips) between New York and Mount Vernon from November 1937. From a private collection.

NYWB Train Order
This train order was completed by the operator at Columbus Avenue tower ("CA") on July 30, 1936, to northbound Train 636 from Harlem River. It advising that southbound Train 641 would be running against the normal flow of northbound traffic on Track 2. According to a 1934 Employee Timetable, Trains 636 and 641 would normally meet at West Street-Harrison, but on this day it appears Track 1 was out of service. Rockland Avenue in Mamaroneck was near the location of a crossover that allowed universal connections from Track 1 to 2. The only other crossovers on the branch were at North Avenue and Port Chester. From a private collection.

NYW&B Clearance Card
An example of a Form 119 Clearance Card. From a private collection.



"Forgotten Railroads Through Westchester County"

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