NYWB Harrison Weekly

NYW&B Tickets and Fares


FARES: Fares shown herein are Round Trip Adult fares.

CHILDREN: Children under five years of age, when accompanied by parent or guardian will be transported free of charge. Children five years of age and under twelve will be charged one-half the adult fare. Children twelve years of age and over will be charged the adult fare. Contract and each coupon of tickets sold for use of children five years of age and under twelve years should be marked on face with pen and ink or rubber stamp “Half” or punched “½.”

TICKETS: Special forms of tickets will be issued, which are non-transferrable and they will be valid only for transportation of passengers for whom originally issued.

BAGGAGE REGULATIONS: Governed by rules and regulations shown in New York, Westchester & Boston Railway Company’s tariff P.S.C.-N.Y. No. 55 supplements thereto and new issues thereof.

STOP-OVERS: Stop-overs will not be allowed in either direction.

LIMITS: Tickets sold at fares shown herein will be limited to thirty days in addition to dat of sale.

ROUND TRIP FARES: Applying in Both Directions between Stations in New York Zone (1) and All Stations in the Following Zones (1)

Mount Vernon
New Rochelle
Fares (Cents)
* .80
* .70

Port Chester
Quaker Ridge
White Plains
Fares (Cents)

* Denotes reduction in fare.

(1) The stations contained in the Zones named below are as follows:

  • Harrison Zone: Harrison Avenue (Harrison) and West Street (Harrison, N.Y.)
  • Heathcote Zone: Heathcote, N.Y.
  • Larchmont Zone: Chatsworth Avenue (Larchmont, N.Y.)
  • Mamaroneck Zone: Larchmont Gardens (Mamaroneck) and Mamaroneck, N.Y.
  • Mount Vernon Zone: Columbus Avenue (Mount Vernon), East 3rd Street (Mount Vernon), East 6th Street (Mount Vernon), East Lincoln Avenue (Mount Vernon), 5th Avenue (North Pelham), and Kingsbridge Road (Mount Vernon), N.Y.
  • New Rochelle Zone: North Avenue (New Rochelle), Pelhamwood (New Rochelle), Pine Brook (New Rochelle) and Webster Avenue (New Rochelle), N.Y.
  • New York Zone: Harlem River (New York), Port Morris, Casanova, Hunts Point, Westchester Avenue, East 180th Street (Bronx Park), Morris Park, Pelham Parkway, Gun Hill Road, Baychester Avenue, and Dyre Avenue (New York).
  • Port Chester Zone: Port Chester, N.Y.
  • Quaker Ridge Zone: Quaker Ridge, N.Y.
  • Rye Zone: Rye, N.Y.
  • White Plains Zone: Gedney Way (White Plains), Mamaroneck Avenue (White Plains), Ridgeway (White Plains) and Westchester Avenue (White Plains), N.Y.
  • Wykagyl Zone: Wykagyl, N.Y., Chester Heights (Wykagyl).

P.S.C.-N.Y. No. 57 – Local Passenger Trariff of Round Trip Fares, effective June 15, 1936. Issued by F.H. Richtmayer, General Passenger Agent.

Schedule of Fares to or from New York City

White Plains Zone.40.451.502.108.85
Heathcote Zone.35.451.301.958.10
Quaker Ridge Zone.32.401.807.90
Wykagyl Zone.25.351.807.25
Chester Heights Zone.25.351.807.25
Port Chester Zone.45.552.4510.25
Rye Zone.40.592.359.70
Harrison Zone.37.452.259.15
Mamaroneck Zone.35.452.058.50
Larchmont Zone.30.401.907.90
New Rochelle Zone.25.351.807.25
Mount Vernon Zone.17.301.656.50

—Effective January 3, 1937